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Visiting Hunter Farm

We respect beauty and history of Hunter Farm and expect that you will too while visiting. We follow these procedures and would like you to as well.

General Farm

  • Help us keep the farm clean. Kindly remove all waste your bring in (and if happen across any help us out and pick it up too).
  • Please don’t drive vehicles on the fields.
  • Hunter Farm is private property is posted as such. Hunting and trespassing are prohibited.
  • As with any outdoor area we wish to prevent accidental or intentional fires. Please refrain from activities that might put our farm in jeopardy.
  • Hunter farm is the home of a number of families. Please respect their privacy.

Farm roads

  • When driving on the farm please try to limit speeds to 15 mph or less.
  • Farm lanes and pathways with the exception of the main drives are not for vehicular use.  While the look inviting, they are not all passable and are best enjoyed by foot.
  • The entrance road from Hulbert Hill Road runs right alongside the farmhouse, which is someone’s home. Please be mindful their wish for privacy and keep conversations to a quiet level.
  • For your safety remember to watch out for speeding cars on Hunter Farm Road as you enter and exit the farm— there is more traffic than in the past.


  • Please be careful around the horses and do not feed them.
  • Please do not enter the horse fields.
  • We value your safety, please do not climb on fences.
  • The horses are not used to bicycles or some dogs— new or visiting dogs should stay on leash while on the farm.

Farm buildings

  • Certainly no smoking in or near any of the farm buildings.
  • Children should be accompanied by adults inside the buildings.
  • In the lower floor of the barn please be careful and limit visiting—and stay clear if a horse is being worked on.
  • The hayloft can be a dangerous place—please do not enter without prior permission.
  • Please do not use the interior stairway in the barn. It is for authorized users only.
  • Climbing on tractors or equipment is prohibited for your safety.