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Farm Buildings in Progress in the Early 1900s

We’ve just added some new pictures of the farm buildings when they were being built.

Click here to view the whole album.

Video of Red Rock

Family Photo

Here’s the family everyone has been waiting for. Click on the picture for a larger version, or email me for a really big version for printing.

If you have your own photos, you can email them to me for posting to the website. I’ll come up with a better way to handle that automatically soon…



Reunion Schedule

Friday, August 3

9:00 AM Help clean up Old Camp
(please contact Jennifer if you can help: CLICK TO REVEAL or 570-629-0644)

12:00 Noon Hike to Red Rock (meet at Stowie’s)

6:30 PM Potluck picnic between the houses (We need volunteers to start fire and bring charcoal grill.)
Followed by: Ice cream (provided), games and Old Chrysler rides

Evening Kid’s camp out on the hill

Saturday, August 4

10:00 AM Memorial service for Drew Hunter

Afternoon at the lake

8:00 PM Square Dance at the Old Camp

Sunday, August 5

10:00 AM Brunch at Andy & Marcia’s

11:00 AM Farm owner’s meeting (location TBA)

12:00 PM Family Photo at the Summer House (aka the Pavilion)

Afternoon at the lake

8:00 PM Outdoor movies at Andy & Marcia’s

Obviously this is only a summary listing. We want to leave time for cocktails Saturday on Bibsy’s deck and impromptu gatherings.

Reunion T-Shirts

The Hunter Family Reunion 2007 t-shirt, designed by Torrey and Rachel Salmon (with technical help from Eneida Hassrick) is available at this link:

If needed, email Jennifer for login information.

Click on See All My Custom Products. There are four pages of t-shirt designs (3 to a page).

Use the back arrow to stay within these products. If not, you will see all of the stuff for sale on Cafe Press but not our reunion t-shirts.

Follow the directions for ordering. They take 2 business days so don’t wait until the last minute.

If you need to mail it to Henryville but do not have an address, you may mail it to (please order by 7/31 so they arrive on time):

c/o Salmons
RR#1 Box 1655
Henryville, PA 18332

Hunter Farm..being there as a parent…

Although I have a lot of strong memories as a kid growing up at the farm, I have a whole separate group of thought as a parent . We have lived in Central New York (up near Syracuse) ever since we have had children (1980 on). We have also always gone “to Henryville” for the majority of our vacation times, just as our parents had always brought us there from New York and New Jersey. We now own the house that was my parents’. I have always felt that this was a great place to come and relax…and I shared all of the things I did and my younger memories with my kids ( well, most all of them…). (Continued)

New Features, and a Request

First off, look over on the right side of the page. There is now a box where you can enter your email address to be notified when there is something new on the site.

Above that, you will also see a new Family Members’ Websites link. This is a place that I hope will be a directory of those of us who have websites. There are only two there now, but you can email me links to add (that’s the request part).



Memories from Joanne

I have a tremendous number of memories that come from not only the farm but all around that whole area. I have spent many many whole summers there as a child as well as many short periods ( weekends and short stays from when I was very little right through to the present time ) I even lived there for more than two full years in the early 1950s. That whole span of my connections happens to involve over 60 years. I inherited my family’s house on the farm and still spend the majority of vacation time there.
I was very young when Granpa Hunter was still alive (Continued)

Farm Construction Pictures

The Barn

I just added a batch of picture that came from David Hunter’s albums. You can see them here, or use the link on the right side of the home page.

Does Anyone Have a Family Tree?

My Mom (Joanne Weiss) wrote to ask if anyone has a family tree that we could add to the site. I’ll add it if anyone can provide it!